Making the Case: Aras EPLM for Enterprise PDM


Until now, Enterprise PDM users that wanted the additional capabilities of a PLM solution had two choices: keep using unreliable, ad hoc methods in email and Excel, or rip out their EPDM environment and start over with full scale PLM system.

Aras EPLM provides a new answer.

Now, you can keep what works and extend Enterprise PDM without impacting SolidWorks users and leverage the investment you've already made while getting all the benefits of enterprise PLM.

Benefits & Advantages of Aras EPLM:

  • Achieve Cross-functional Collaboration
  • Streamline & Standardize Processes
  • Attain Executive Visibility
  • Avoid 'Rip & Replace' Risks & Disruption
  • Gain Global Process Control and Agility
  • Build on Your Investment in SolidWorks & EPDM

Download the presentation and learn more about the benefits of Aras EPLM >

View the Aras EPLM Overview

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